4 Minute Abs ReviewHello and thank you for stopping by my 4 minute abs review. Here I am going to give you my personal opinion about 4 minute abs and why there are so many people buying it. But before I get started with my 4 minute abs review, let me tell you who I am.

My name is Jeromy Clark and I live in Detroit Michigan. I’m not a fitness buff by any means. I don’t go to the gym, and before 4 minute abs, I rarely did any kind of workout at home. The reason why I bought Jake Hunter 4 minute abs was because back in November, my family had a reunion and while there, my brother (who weighs more than I do) came up to me, poked me in the stomach and said “You’re getting a little chub there, bub!”

To be completely honest, I thought I was in pretty good shape for a guy who never worked out. At first I didn’t let it bother me, but over time it started to eat away at me. All I ever noticed when I took my shirt off was my belly. No, it wasn’t a beer belly but it wasn’t flat or ripped.

Now I knew I didn’t need a diet, hell I’m 6 foot 4 and 190 lbs. If anything, I needed to put on weight. But I didn’t want to put fat on so I started searching for way to build lean muscle and burn fat fast. I tried a few different products, although they all were great products, they just weren’t for me, that’s when I found Jake Hunter 4 minute abs.

So with that said, let’s get started with my 4 minute abs review